Medals Lie In Shame

Poetry by Perry Kay

Fire-red hostility whizzing through a burning hot blaze
soldiers dodging in muddy trenches 
Blood-soaked earth holding the weight of fallen heroes 
The stench of death mingling with acrid smoke that fill his failing lungs

The sun is a murderer
beating a blazing dragon’s poison on rugged uniforms
The moon is a robber 
hunting tired prey that pause to blink
Death is an escaped prisoner 
googly eyeballs rolling for prey on a sinking earth

He holds
his weapon
one plastic arm
with thread
dipped in blood
of fellow comrades
across a
flooded ground
as the stars
and time runs by
a whizzing bullet

Now a crippled bundle of bones fastened to a wheelchair
The only remnant of a forgotten bravery is a missing limb
PTSD is a spider lurking in the corners with the cobwebs
in a dingy attic he calls home

Living off the ‘Thank you for your service’s scarcely thrown his way
as lonely eyes peek through a shuttered window in a dusty room
where faded copper medals lay in abandoned shame

His heart is a leaden hammer
breaking a fragile memory
into shredded leaves
But his strength is made of eternal concrete 

About the Poet

Perry Kay

Perry Kay lives in New York but her heart is in LA. She love to write poems and short stories and wishes to one day publish a novel. You can follow her on Instagram @perrykay39

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Water by Aalia Liaquat

Water, a poem written by Aalia Liaquat

Babbling perennial brooks untamed
Streaming through the fissures unstrained
Limpid, pure bliss that flowed in trail
Drops that converges in deep vale
Sunshine buss on the dew drop plain 

Kaleidoscope of light's attained
The clouds that downpour unrestrained
Of slushy snow, rain, mist and hail
Untold moods babbling perennial. 

The tranquil disposition claimed
When the ripple effect is gained
The existence of mortals frail
When the sea swells on a large scale
The basis of life unexplained
Untold moods babbling perennial.

About the Poet

Aalia Liaquat

Aalia Liaquat is from Bangalore, India. She is a kindergarten teacher. Aalia started writing 20 years ago, although then writing happened infrequently. For the past six months, writing poetry has become Aalia’s passion. She writes mostly romantic poetry but she loves to write on different themes as well. 
Follow Aalia’s popular poetry on Instagram: @harvestingmind

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Oh My Diary!

Oh my Diary by Natasha Tungare

By Natasha Tungare

The delights of my whole day
The gloom which I can never convey
When good listeners aren't so common
Oh my diary, I wish you were a human

When I feel so deeply blue
When I cannot get over something new
When people are something I can't summon
Oh my diary, I wish you were a human

When an obscure body unable to express
The tortures which lead it to depress
When all wrongs are faced by a woman
Oh my diary, I wish you were a human

When the world seems little unfair
Biased behaviors causing too much despair
When 'Fraudulence' is the current human
Oh my diary, I wish you were a human

When world turns it's back towards you
When people overtly replicate whatever you do
When you realize beautification of a demon
Oh my diary, I wish you were a human

About the Poet

Natasha Tungare

Natasha is a physiotherapist by profession and a passionate writer. She loves illustrating her life experiences in the form of poetry and write ups. “After all everyone has a story.” – Nastasha

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Darkness by Natasha Okwuchi

By Natasha Okwuchi

Darkness is not an easy thing to escape
It's an endless abyss
A mysterious, foreboding void of nothingness
A tempting place to hide
The darkness can be a friend
When it wraps you up in its black sheets
And keeps you oblivious
And blocks all the pain
But its comfort is a lie
The darkness will betray you
It will leave you cold and exposed
It will change you
When it's gone, all you have left are threads
Threads from its once comforting sheets
Threads that hold your sanity
But the threads are never that many
All you can do is cling to these threads
And hope to find more
Because these threads will be your only escape
That is, if your lucky

About the Poet

Natasha Okwuchi

Natasha is fourteen years old and a sophomore in high school. Impressive, right?! This talented poet enjoys spending her free time writing, reading and watching anime, with a few things in between. Anyone who knows in her in real life knows her to be a shy, “weird bookworm that alternates between loner and insider, and has constant mood swings”. Online, she likes to think of herself as extremely friendly and weird. Eve Poetry Magazine finds Natasha to be insightful and beyond her years. We hope she continues to hone her craft. Her talent has endless possibilities with a bright future ahead. Thank you for sharing your work, Natasha! Keep at it!

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Every Time I Pluck a Rose

Every Time I Pluck a Rose

By Saud Ahmed

Every time I pluck a rose
And thorns don't hurt me
Every time I jump over the fire
And the ends of my cloth
Don't catch the embers
Every time I hurt you
And I get away with it
I see a part of myself
Running away from me
A part that forbids me
To violate, but I do
And what is left is pretentious
What is left is not me
It's a part that my real self
Left behind.

The Poet

Saud Ahmed

My name is Saud Ahmed, I am from Pakistan. Poetry has always been my passion. What we can’t say, we can write. I always find a way out of the walls with the help of pen, it gives me strength. My Instagram handle is @sauds.poetry where I post whatever my mind can think of. As quoted by Atticus, ‘I write what I feel, not what I think I should feel’.

Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea

By Deanna Ramirez

It is though in those years⠀
I was lost at sea⠀

Longed hard for love’s arms ⠀
to wrap warmth around me⠀

Instead glacial glares ⠀
Frost dealt cold as ice⠀

Left to tread frigid dread⠀
Just so you would play nice

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Lovers’ Quarrel

By Micheal Coleman

Words said that were painfully true, with
cruel intentions of hurting you. 
Two tears once laid upon this bed, fighting lonely instead.
The past can not be rewritten,
but if wishful thinking were true. 
I would chose love over living without you. 

About the Poet:

Michael is a thirty years old and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a college student who loves to write. Michael’s recent project: self publishing his written works. He has been seriously writing and honing his craft for one year.

You can find and follow Michael on YouTube: Mike ThaPoet and Instagram: @mikethapoet 

I Am Addicted to You

I am addicted to you poem

By Roelien le Roux

I am addicted to you
Yes you
Standing there in the dark
Knowing I should not touch
Knowing I should not taste
Unable to resist
You have taught me
You have touched me
Lured me into your darkness
Knowing I should not stay 
Unable to leave
I find comfort in your darkness
Feeling it consume me
As I consume you
I try to forget
I try to leave
But in the darkness I am lost
I have lost you
I have lost myself
I am addicted to you 
Yes you 
Standing there in my heart

From the Poet:

I am Roelien, a South African currently living in Southeast Asia. I compose poems in both English and Afrikaans, and although my first language is Afrikaans, I actually prefer to write in English, as I find the English language much more romantic and passionate.  I would describe myself as a highly creative person, even though by day I earn my keep as an accountant. A very boring job, but one I enjoy tremendously.  And so, to keep my life in perfect balance between my structured and organised job and my colorful, creative, romantic, rebel heart, I found the perfect outlet in poetry.

I still remember writing my very first poem way back in high school, after a cute young man unknowingly broke my heart. Writing helped me understand and cope with my emotions and has since evolved into also helping me understand the lessons learnt during my life.

For me, my poems are a snapshot of significant events in my life, bringing back memories in greater detail than any photo ever could. And to share my poetry and have others also enjoy it, well that is just a dream come true!

Photo of the Poet Roelien le Roux



Forgiveness takes time
Forgiveness is not black and white⠀
For layers peel back in their time ⠀
A placid beast of delicate skins⠀
expose deep lesions ⠀
Wounds cannot forgive ⠀
Their sting stirs memory⠀
Only time can heal⠀
Never to forget ⠀

By Deanna Ramirez ©


The war in me for equality
For equal pay
Performing quality work 
in the same way
And never needing to be told
Cause I have integrity to uphold
I do what is right
Regardless of whose around
or nowhere in sight
In my skin, I have nothing to hide
Living above reproach
with family on my side
Not the one's that you may think
Most of them prefer 
that I fail and sink
Please don't waste pretense to worry about me
I know who to trust and hold close
Those who are fake
in due time, truth wins
and their lies are exposed

Deanna M Ramirez ©
Photo by Chelsi Peter on