A Divine Love

A Divine Love

A Divine Love, written by Micheline Mourad

A Divine Love

Drawn within nature’s art of divinity
Written in words translated into a poetic
Living dream through a breath-taking poetry
Among all lies, even myths.. the only truth
A heart carved with love, serenity, honesty, and loyalty
The wish granted upon every shooting star
the awaited chance, on every side of possibility
Fallen from an old cast spell of magic
My darling, you are a fairytale wandering into reality

Micheline Mourad

As I’ve been writing with much love and passion, I’ve decided for my poetry to be devoted only to love and nature… and sure to be cheerful!
I’m a 25-year-old Lebanese who is all up to writing and reading other’s amazing pieces too. 

Check my growing dream-page on IG: @a_poeticdream
I hope you all enjoy and fall for the love of my words.

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