Vitrine by Aaron Lelito

It’s like walking through a dusty museum,
the marble floor holding its ground beneath,
the gaps making an oeuvre of echoes
only an arbitrary foot could summon.

The diamond sharp seconds of lucidity.

Thoughts: the marginalia that cleave…

The palate sharpened as language secedes.

Anchoritic Leisure by Aaron Lelito

Shake hands,
talk of this and that,
look up squinting,
drift a bit,
consider the factors of the loss of concentration,
absolve them,

corner the market of feasible sleep,

allow unprecedented obsessions,

counter casual matters.

Pay enough attention to cause trouble.
No one will pay for evasion,
hide the fine-print, or implicate the larger motives of halo-making.

To have perfect focus on something is reason enough.

Close the door and don’t answer the phone.

<strong>Aaron Lelito</strong>
Aaron Lelito

Aaron Lelito is a visual artist and writer from Buffalo, NY. In his written work, he is primarily drawn to explorations in consciousness that take the form of short stories, micro-fictions, and poems; at times, he pairs his words with digital photography to create a visual piece.
Although natural imagery and environmental themes have become a primary subject matter of his visual work, the source of his interest in any topic invariably stems from a questioning of the world around us and the creative process that is born out of the impulse to express one’s unique vision.   
His work has appeared in publications that include High Shelf PressThe ScriblerusAbout Place Journal45th Parallel, and Alluvian. In addition, he is editor-in-chief of the online publication Wild Roof Journal, which contains an eclectic mixture of visual and literary arts.
Instagram @runic_ruminations

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